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shark rotator professional manual

The bagless shark rotator professional manual is the most recent model. It has been designed to be more practical: no need to buy bags to change it because there are none! Instead, it has a tank with a filter placed in its center that retains dust. Once filled, it is easily emptied into a bin. Some models also have a function to empty the tank at the touch of a button, so there is no longer direct contact with dust.

The air flow is as follows:

The air enters through the squeegee or the brush and goes up into the hose then the tube to land in the tank.

The tank has a filter that traps dust while the air continues to flow to the engine.

After passing the engine, the air arrives at the air outlet filter.

The air outlet filter collects dust from the motor and thus lets clean air out of the vacuum cleaner.


Finally, let’s finish with the different types of aspiration. There are three of them:

horizontal suction: the most classic suction (the one presented in this article) which works on canister vacuums;

vertical suction: the air does not come into contact with the motor, which allows suction of liquids, it is reserved for stick vacuum cleaners mainly;

cyclonic suction: air is projected by centrifugal force, it is generally reserved for bagless vacuum cleaners.

Now you know everything about how the vacuum cleaner works! Do not hesitate to take a look at our shop to discover our different models of vacuum cleaners.


Date of publication: 08/26/2016 – Household equipment2

The power of vacuum cleaners has long been considered as the No. 1 selection criterion but do you know that the capacity of the tank, the noise and the radius of action are also determining factors in the choice? Some information to help you make a better choice.

1 – With or without a bag: how does it work?

2 – The energy label, essential for comparing products

3 – The power of the devices: consumed or useful?

 With bag or without bag: how does it work?

There are two technologies on the market: with and without a bag.

Bag technology

Bagless technology

Source: INC photos

1. – Vacuum cleaner with bag

It’s the oldest technology. The air drawn in at the brush carries the dust through the suction tube. The flow of aspirated air meets the walls of the disposable bag which will retain the vast majority of the aspirated dust.

This flow of air continues on its way and then crosses a first filter called an engine filter whose role is to prevent the largest particles of dust remaining from reaching the engine and from fouling it prematurely.

At the outlet of the engine, a second filter is positioned to filter again the air flow which is loaded with particles of dust from the operation of the engine.

Author: Russell Flores