Radon exterminating Conditions

Radon is colorless, invisible and odorless gas. It is formed by the decay of radioactive materials i.e. uranium, thorium and radium. It is a dangerous gas and its major disease is the lung cancer and annually 4% to 15% lung cancer deathss are because of this poisonous gas. As it cannot be seen, it is much difficult to confirm its presence and its occurrence can only be found by performing tests. And there are two types of tests short-term test and long-term test.

Short-term test

For a short-term test, it is mandatory to close doors and windows as much as possible and evade the fan which cause the transfer of indoor air to outdoor air. For accuracy of short-term test, it is necessary to know the exact quantity of the radon present in a place. Short-term devices that can be helpful for conducting the test are:

  • Charcoal patches
  • Electret ion compartments
  • Alpha-track gauges

Long-term test

Radon levels oscillate timely, accurate readings can be obtain with the help of long-term test. These tests monitor radon levels for more than 90 days. electret ion chamber detectors and Alpha-track gauges are frequently used to perform long-term tests. Moreover, the tests are simple to perform and inexpensive. One can get the gadgets from the store. For precise outcomes, it is imperative to follow the test instructions thoroughly and wisely. Test kits are placed in the lowest level of the home or in the basement. Only work to do is to place the device in the place and that’s all. When the duration of test is complete, the sample are packed and the specimens are sent to the lab for analysis and after analysis results are collected and the level of radon is found out.

Radon poisoning arises when immense amount of the dangerous gas enters the body and causes destructive physical changes. It is naturally occurring element which convert to gaseous form at standard temperature and pressure conditions and is one of the darkest elements to persist a gas under normal conditions. Being a colorless tasteless and odorless gas, radon is undetectable by human natural senses. Radon poisoning does not cause the same detrimental and understandable indications like other radioactive substances. But surely radon exposure leads to the advancement of lung cancer. Radon occurs throughout each environment in varying quantities. Yet, it can accumulate in community buildings, offices and schools. Radon is responsible for most of the most people’s contact to ionized radiation.


Radon poisoning is symptomless, sensing that it gives no expressive indication of contact. A person cannot see, smell or taste radon with the bare eye. It also does not produce any effects in the host body until cellular changes occur that lead to lung cancer. For this motive, taking all essential protections against radon exposure are very significant. A person starting to feel chest pain, cough and blood or experience breathing complications should visit a doctor instantly to rule out lung cancer. If it is not controlled in its initial stages, the future of the host can be shoddier.

Author: Russell Flores