Points to ponder over in a child bike seat


Easy installation of your child bike seat with adjustability is a vital cog in the wheel. There are some important features like a quick release bracket where your kid can go on to cycle without the burden of additional weight. In addition, there does present a lock so that the bike seat would not be stolen. There are some other pointers in the form of w1d.net

The age along with the size of your child

The front mount seats tend to be relatively smaller than the rear mount ones. The former does appear to be suitable for kids who are between 9 months to 3 years old. Their weight should not be more than 33 pounds. The older a child gets, the more personal space they are going to occupy and for this reason, taller kids may figure out difficulty to ride it.


It has come across that a 5 point harness would be comparatively much better than a 3 point harness. This means that a kid can go on to slide out. Do keep in mind that the straps are always intact and the kid does not fall out. There are many models in the market which have child buckles as well.


The seat weight

The lesser weight of a seat the more you are able to carry. If the weight appears to be less it would have low impact resistance and you could be less comfortable as well. You would have to check out the materials that are put to use in the production of the seat which has to be really comfortable for your kid.

Weight along with height considerations

The weight along with height considerations would have an impact on the life span of your bike seat of your child. The ones with a rear front do appear to be really good and it would be ideal if your child weighs around 40 pounds. This though would vary from one model to another.

For the front-rear seat, there are some accessories to consider that are as follows

  • Windscreen
  • Rain cover
  • The front rest would provide enough consideration for a child in holding on to something else apart from the shifters or handlebars

The rear mount seat that you might have to give equal importance as well

  • Rain cover
  • This would be a rear mount seat which would nap a lot comfortable for your little one.

Safety tips

It has to be taken into consideration that bike trailers would go on to provide a lot of protection than the child bike seat. In case if you fall from 3 feet it can lead to a lot of injuries.

To conclude you have to go on to purchase a bike seat that would be compatible with your bike. This should be able to meet your needs and it has to be affordable. There are some models that you can go on to adapt and go through the reviews before purchasing.