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Hand and Nail Care


Did you know that your hands are among the very first things to era? Those lines and wrinkles you’re nervous about appearing in your face? Nah…it is your palms they will get to ! And we abuse and use them we wash them all the time which strips on the skin and claws of their oils that are natural, and we suddenly realise we have’old lady hands’ and it is too late!

Now we’re not for a second telling you to not clean your hands (horror!) . We’re however saying you ought to treat your nails and hands with loving care.

Here’s our 23 top tips for nail and hand care to maintain those beauties looking beautiful.

  1. Moisturise! Invest in a fantastic excellent hand lotion and use twice daily to really ensure that your skin is being rehydrated — keeping it plump and supple, scarring those cavities off.
  2. Apply cuticle oil, preferably one containing jojoba oil as a main ingredient as it has the properties that closely match that of our skin oil (called sebum).

LivOliv Hand Cream and Cuticle Oil

Maphie Nail PolishMaphie Nail Polish

  1. Gently push your cuticles to release the edge from your nail plate. Do not push too hard as you could damage your own nail bed — just gentle enough to lift them slightly — that will help your nails to develop quicker and keep those pesky or dry components of your cuticle in bay (and do not forget that cuticle oil! ) ) . When you’re filing your nails — utilize movements and just ever record IN ONE DIRECTION! The layers of the nail will divide. Furthermore, this may send shockwaves through your nail as it develops to the nail matrix which may lead to ridges and ripples in your nail.
  2. Sporting a gel polish manicure? DON’T PEEL IT OFF! You’re peeling the top layer of your nail which is your fingernails are dry and split off. Have them removed professionally or find out how to perform it correctly. Never forget to work with a base coating. It is like the manicure’s underwear — do not leave home without it! A base coat assists the nail plate is adhered to by the polish it stops your nails from staining AND quality products such as our’Bed Rock’ Base Coat is going to be enhanced with a nourishing and/or land that is strengthening.
  3. After each coating of polish, gently brush into’cap’ off the nail as this will assist in preventing premature graying and peeling of the gloss.
  4. Three or two THIN coats of gloss are better than one or two thick coats. You’ll be more in control and the layers will dry much quicker if you do a few coats to build up the color.
  5. Just like the foundation — a coat should never be forgotten by you. Not only does this seal your manicure off preventing it from chipping and making it last longer, additionally, it adds a glorious glow and brings out the glitter in the polish (if there is some ). Of course you could always use a matte top coat if glistening is not something. Been 4 or 3 times and you are nails are starting to appear dull? Re-apply your upper coat. Yes critically! It can lengthen the usage of your polish with a day or two and brighten your manicure. NEVER blow your nails to’help’ them to dry. There’s moisture from your breath which will only slow the drying process….and you’ll only dry the surface and end up with scratches or scuffs in the polish since you believe you’re all set. Air drying is best. Wait 2-3 minutes between each coat before applying the next coat to provide them a chance to dry. Because it’ll have a clean surface to adhere to, from streaking this will also prevent the next layer. Your nails are NOT instruments and stones! Wherever possible, don’t use your nails to scratch or pick or open cans or function. Treat them with care and utilize tools for the job instead.

Author: Russell Flores