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Were you aware that your palms are among the first things to age? Those lines and wrinkles? Nah…it’s your hands they will get to ! And we use and abuse them we wash constantly to them which strips skin and nails of the oils that 


are natural, and we suddenly realise we have’old lady hands’ and it’s too late!

 Maphie Nail Polish


Today we’re not for another telling you to not wash your hands (horror!) . We’re however currently saying you ought to treat your nails and hands with care that is really loving.

Here’s our 23 top strategies for hand and nail care to keep those beauties looking amazing. Moisturise! Invest in a fantastic quality hand cream and apply daily to ensure that your skin has been rehydrated — maintaining it supple and plump, scarring those cavities away. Apply cuticle oil, preferably one containing coconut oil as a major ingredient as it gets the properties that closely match that of our own skin’s oil (called sebum).

    1. Gently push your cuticles back to release the border. Don’t push too hard because you could damage your nail bed — merely gentle enough to lift them — this will help your nails to grow quicker and help keep those overgrown

Maphie Nail Polish


  1.  or dry pieces of your cuticle in bay (and don’t forget that cuticle oil! ) ) . When you are filing your nails — use movements and just file IN ONE DIRECTION! The layers of your nail will divide. In addition, this may send shockwaves through your nail to the nail matrix which may lead to ridges and ripples as it develops. Sporting a fabulous gel gloss manicure? DON’T PEEL IT OFF! You’re peeling off the top layer of your nail which is under your fingernails are dry and split. Have them removed or learn how to do it at home. Never forget to use a base coat. It is like the underwear of your manicure — do not leave home without it! A base coat assists the polish adhere to the nail plate better, it prevents your nails from staining AND quality products such as our’Bed Rock’ Base design will be enhanced with a nourishing and/or strengthening property.
  2. After each coating of gloss, softly brush to’cap’ the nail off as this will help prevent premature peeling and chipping of the gloss. Two or three THIN coats of polish are far better than a couple of thick coats. You will be more and the layers will dry much quicker if you do a few thin coatings to build the color up. Like the base — you shouldn’t ever forget a top coating. Not only does it seal your manicure off preventing it from chipping and which makes it last longer, but additionally, it adds a glorious glow and brings out the glow in the gloss (if there is some ). Of course you can always use a matte top coat rather if shiny isn’t something.

Bases, Tops, Removers & Thinners Been 3 or 4 days and you are nails are beginning to look dull? Re-apply your top coat. Yes critically! It brighten your manicure and can lengthen the wear of your gloss through a day or two.

  1. NEVER blow off your nails to’assist’ them . There is moisture in your breath which will just slow down the drying procedure….and you’ll just dry the top layer and end up with scrapes or scuffs in the gloss because you think you’re all set. Air drying is best. Wait 2-3 minutes between each coat before applying another coat to give them an opportunity to dry. Because it will have a clean, dry surface to adhere to, from streaking this may also prevent the layer. Your claws are NOT instruments and stones! Wherever possible, don’t use your nails with whatever fiddly to cans or scratch or pick or operate. Treat them with care and use proper tools for the job. NIBBLE OR PICK, DO N’T BITE! We know it’s tempting in case you have stray bits of nail or skin — but grab your nail or cuticle nippers to snip the bits that are dead that are stray off and for goodness sake, leave your claws alone! Skin and your nails will be the weakest when they are wet — so resist the impulse to pick and poke at the shower or tub. Have? Wait til you’re outside the tub and your hands are dry before snipping it off. Pulling or pulling the skin around your nails once it is wet will be oh so sore when they’re dry.
  2. Always start painting your nails using your non-dominant hand FIRST. You’ve got more patience once you start and also you won’t have some polish on that hands to smudge. You’ve just got to try out this one to think us. It is the way forward.
  3. Already have weak nails? Prone to breaking off or snagging? Document them. This nail contour is the most powerful so they’re not as likely to grab and break, and also you won’t have some corners. Check out our 5 Perfect Nail Candles and How To Attain Them blog for More Information!

Rounded Nail Shape

  1. Always clean your nails with nail polish remover prior to applying polish. When you had nails using nail polish remover will wash off any grime or dirt on your own nail plate leaving a good clean surface. This can be known as’squeaking the nail’, and will make your manicure last longer. Buy and utilize acetone free nail polish remover where possible. Acetone is dehydrating and bad there are loads of removers out there but you have to search for this.
  2. When you’ve soaked the cotton pad in certain polish remover hold it on your nail plate for around 4-5 seconds before gently sliding down to the point of the nail. This will give it a chance to soak through the layers of gloss eliminating the need to wash the nail and making it easier to remove.
  3. Do not like colored nail polish? Can’t wear it? Do not go naked! At least use 1-2 coats of a good quality nontoxic and nourishing base coating. It will light up and protect your nails and provide a nail remedy in one to you.
  4. Start with the brush a portion under the cuticle when applying color and then NOT on it. Painting on the cuticle seems and makes the polish bleed in the nail bed. It is also more likely to chip and peel off faster.
  5. The most important tip of all — make sure to give yourself plenty of time to get your own manicure! Go to the loo, make that cup of tea, before beginning, and have everything to hand.

Cup Of Tea and Saucer

Author: Russell Flores