Kerala State Lottery Results

Kerala state lottery is a lotto game in Kerala state, India. It is very unique and attractive lotto which is also legal in this state. It was first introduced in 1967. And before the introduction of this lotto, all other lotto games were banned in India. The basic purpose of this game was to reduce the level of poverty in Kerala state. The idea for launching this game was from the finance minister of the Kerala state P.K. Kunju Sahib.

Kerala Lottery Result Nirmal

Kerala lottery result is announced today. If you have bought a ticket for the Kerala lottery, then check the draw now. We are available to publish the daily nirmal result on this site. That’s why you don’t need to go anywhere and check your ticket on our site.

Kerala Lottery Result Win Win

The government of Kerala announced the win win lottery result daily at 3 pm. And we are also adding the result on our site daily at 3.30 pm. Win win lotto ticket is worth Rs.30 in India. Today winner of lotto will get 6,500,000 INR. Also, check the remaining lotto winner prizes below.
  • First Prize Rs.6,500,000
  • Con. Prize Rs.8000
  • Second Prize Rs.1,000,000
  • Third Prize Rs.100,000
  • Fourth Prize Rs.5000
  • Fifth Prize Rs.1000
  • Sixth Prize Rs.500
  • Seventh Prize RS.100

Purpose of Kerala State Lottery

Due to the increasing number of poverty in this state, the finance minister of Kerala suggested a lotto system. The purpose of this lotto system was to help the native people who are striving for living. And after launching this system, the results started to come in a positive manner. After the massive success in Kerala state, many other Indian states also started to launch their own lotto system And today we have so many different types of lotto in India. All these games are legal and these are introduced for the wellness of native people.

Perks of Kerala Lottery

The Kerala lottery system is now working very well. Many poor and needy families have settled their lives with the help of this lotto. Now the state is also earning good revenue from the tax on the lotto ticket sale. The government has now started different welfare schemes for the people of Kerala. With the revenue of ticket selling, the state now helping the people who are suffering from deadly diseases.

Check Kerala Lottery Weekly Plans

Every at 3:00 pm, the state of Kerala announces a lotto result. These results are referred to the following names and days.
  • Win Win Lottery Monday
  • Sthree Sakthi Tuesday
  • Akshaya Wednesday
  • Karunnya Plus Thursday
  • Nirmal Friday
  • Karunnya Saturday
  • Pournami Sunday

Final Thoughts

You can come to our blog whenever you need to check the Kerala state lottery. And don’t forget to give your precious feedback to us. We are waiting for your response. Thanks

Author: Russell Flores