Is skateboarding bad for your body?

The concept of skateboarding is totally changed after the introduction of one wheel skateboards and hoverboards. If we were to talk about the most demanding activity, then skateboarding will be on the top. By looking at skateboarding the first time you may think that this activity is not so dangerous as compared to other activities such as base-jumping or dirt biking.

Skateboarding has its own dangers and the injuries you can suffer from this can be gruesome. If you search the internet for fail videos, then you might have seen many compilations of skaters falling and getting injuries on their different parts of the body.

So in our opinion this a very logical question to ask yourself. Is skateboarding dangerous? Should you stop or avoid it? What measures need to be taking to turn skateboarding safe. If we’re talking about skateboarding, then we can say that it is a physically demanding sport.

The level of intensity is directly depending on you. if you just wander around the street on your skateboard then you won’t get hurt, but if we were to talk about street skating and transition skating then it is a completely different activity.

The more intensely you use your skateboard the more pressure it put on your body.

What effects does skateboarding have on your body?

If you have a habit of pushing hard on the skateboard to propel yourself forward, then there is a chance that you can develop slight pelvis misalignment. This makes your posture a bit crooked. If you start to ignore it then it can spread to many other parts of your body.

Like we mentioned before skateboarding is very physically demanding. When you repeatedly slam your foot to the pavement you are left with chronic pain. According to a well-known professional skater Chris Cole, there hasn’t been a single day in the past 20 years of his life where he felt 100% and didn’t felt any pain.

I talk about transition skating, then we can say that it is easier on your joints. This allows the rider to take his skateboarding passion longer. Seeing former skaters switching to transition skating is not a rare sign these days.

Putting your mind at ease

Just to put your mind at ease, not all skateboarding affects your body and weakens your bones, in reality, it is quite different. While you skate you put pressure on a very specific muscle, these muscles won’t affect your performance in other sports.

When you ride your skateboarding constantly you strengthen your core, back, ankles, and legs. Skateboarding involves balance and body awareness. By strengthening these muscles, you will make your day-to-day life easy.

It has been proven that skateboarders react faster and better as compared to a no-skating person. These skateboarders will respond to falls better. this happens because your body is always in a state of danger and it is trying to avoid It at all cost.

When your body adopts this approach towards avoiding danger, it directly translates to the outside world.

Most Common Injuries in skateboarding

Now if we were to talk about important injuries, we can say that injuries can happen within seconds. One moment you are riding your skateboard and at the other moment, you are face down on the concrete payment.

Injuries depend on many situations. Today we are going to mention only those which you may encounter in your daily life.

Scratches and bruises

Like in most sports you can only learn skateboarding when you fall off the skateboard and repeatedly get back on It. Falling from the skateboard is very common in this sport. If you are looking to become a pro at this sport, then you must learn to live with these injuries.

All you have to do is ice it. The area of your body which will receive the most hits will be your ankles and shins. To be very honest the injuries you suffer on your shin will hurt you the most. This injury is so common in fact that the skateboarding community have given this injury a nickname “shinners”

Heal Bruises

This injury occurs when you lose your balance in the air and fall heel first. You can either land heel first or you can land in a way your heels scratch the ground. This is not a serious type of injury but it enough to keep you away from skateboarding for some time.

Hot pockets

This is the slang used in the skateboarding community. It is used to describe a hyper extension of the ankle. This happens when you put too much body-weight on your ankle area. The pain is severe at first but it will become more as time passes.

Sprained Ankle

The ankle is the most affected part of the body. It is also a very common type of injury. This injury happens when you roll your ankle on the ground. If you had this injury recently we recommend that you visit your doctor for a complete X-ray



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