How to lead your team to real estate success?

If you know the main reasons that limit the real estate agents buyproperty in your team, you can help them overcome them and guide them (together with your agency) towards success.

It was not until the year of 1954 that Roger Bannister denied the belief that it was physically impossible for the human body to travel a mile in four minutes and, once he demonstrated it, a series of runners quickly followed his example, proving for themselves that it was possible.

Think about the people who have had a major influence on your life: coaches, teachers, family, friends, or mentors who have helped you challenge your own limits. We usually have one or two of these special people who make us remember our efforts with pride and definitely occupy a special place in our lives because they saw in us what, at a certain moment, we ourselves could not see.

Now that you are the leader of a team of real estate agents, we are pleased to tell you that today, you can become one of those people who make a difference in the lives of others. As the leader of a real estate agency, your main function is to lead your team members to do what they don’t want to do today so that they can earn what they want to earn tomorrow.

We know that serious sales professionals seek to generate a large amount of money and the agents of your team are a clear example, otherwise they would not seek to obtain new potential clients. all over the city or they wouldn’t sacrifice family weekends if they didn’t expect a reward for those efforts. They know that their income is not insured as they would be if they had chosen a traditional job with hours from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, because they chose this industry attracted by the idea of ​​being in charge of their own (and unlimited) potential to generate income. However, sometimes they may not achieve their goal, they may lose their hunger for success or they may not fully understand what it takes to be the best and that’s when you can support them.

There are 4 basic reasons why agents do not act and take advantage of their full potential:

  • They don’t know how to get it
  • They don’t know why they should
  • They are afraid
  • They are being influenced by past or current conditioning or beliefs.

You are there to guide them, so the first step is to ask the right questions to help you identify what is limiting them, and from that, you can provide them with the support they need to overcome these obstacles.

For the first two reasons, you may need to teach your agents how or why to do something according to the goals and values that govern the company. The third and fourth options are a little more complicated, if the agents of your team are afraid or limited by their beliefs, you should work to help them change their way of thinking and their ideology. You will know that you have reached your goal when their behavior begins to change, but you cannot stop there but you must continue the process by constantly monitoring and supporting university town.

It may be that sometimes you are not liked by agents enough to take such an active role on their way to success, but when they do, thanks to your guidance, you will be earning an important place in their lives. Now you will occupy the special place of that person who motivated them and led them to excel themselves. You must know and understand your team so that from that you can train them to pass the test their own mental test of “a mile traveled in four minutes” and thus lead your team and your agency to success.


Author: Russell Flores