Here are my choices for the ideal WordPress hosting.

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Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting

This kind of web hosting involves renting space for your website on several virtual servers present on the Cloud. It is the most innovative and newest kind of hosting, and has tried to incorporate the qualities of shared hosting and dedicated hosting, and ironed their main flaws. It is a hosting service with the benefits of a dedicated hosting serviceĀ  gridhost support.

The fantastic thing about cloud providers is that their dynamism, largely charging for what you actually use rather than a fixed rate whatever you use. It combines a network of servers with a great power which works together to provide hosting services. The service removes the flaws of bad neighbor effects to give a dedicated server, but in the exact same time cuts down on the expense of service.

The whole cost of hosting ranges between $10 and $50 a month. If you’re looking for cheap/good value VPS hosting, then check out our cheap VPS guide here.

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VPS offers great security for your site. Due to the amalgamation of numerous computers, hardware’s risk is significantly minimized. The computers operate as a series of back-ups, allowing for continued services in times of maintenance.

The security of data is also enhanced as there’s no single computer where data is stored.

The bundle also allows for easy growth of your website as you scale throughout the peaks of visitors and information.

They’re also simple to configure to suit your website requirements.


The only disadvantage of a VPS server is the monthly costs are only beyond the range of a startup or test site, which you intend to cater to its own payments.

Who requires a VPS web hosting service? This is the contemporary website owner choice! Of the three web hosting categories you must have noticed that the advantages are listed by VPS. This class, by virtue of becoming the very contemporary, assembled to provide the best web and has taken lessons.

Whether you’re a brand new site owner or a seasoned user that has been facing issues and/or wants to improve, this is the option for you. If you’re a small company with prospects of expansion, VPS will allow you to develop without a hassle through the levels. It will handle traffic improve, data growth and site complexity of needing to transfer databases and your documents at each turn, without the hassle.

InMotion is your very recommended VPS hosting service.

There are numerous other web hosting services, however they are all modeled round the three categories discussed above. Hosting categories include:

WordPress is a favorite blogging system. This type of server is pretty much optimized for rate and security of the WordPress platform.

Here are my choices for the ideal WordPress hosting.


It is a shared web hosting service which allows you to re-sell distance to third parties. They offer you software that will assist you bill your clients, in addition to perks such as free site templates to assist you attract customers. The control is usually done through Web Host Manager (WHM)


This involves purchasing your own server and carrying it to the host’s location instead of bringing it into your premises. It gives you complete control of your server, while at the same time providing you the benefits of expert maintenance and a continuous power source.

Managed hosting

The hosts control and maintains the hardware and gives you absolute control of software.


Mainly for retailers looking to sell products directly from the site.

Author: Russell Flores