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See or be seen, Japanese companies have decided. Some employers have prohibited their employees from wearing glasses in the workplace.
Depending on the sector, the justification varies. While in the air sector, safety reasons are mentioned, local cosmetics companies explain that it is difficult for their employees to correctly see the nuances of makeup behind their glasses. The palm is nevertheless awarded to certain restaurants, which simply believe that the glasses do not go well with traditional Japanese dresses.
But the main reason given is that the glasses would give women a “cold air”.
An argument that many Japanese people have a hard time hearing, who quickly illustrated their dissatisfaction by retweeting en masse the hashtag “Glasses are prohibited”.
in the center of the country can now choose the color of their underwear  funky makeup bags
Questioned by the BBC, Japanese sociology professor Kumiko Nemoto denounced a particularly “discriminating” measure. “Instead of judging their skills, we judge their appearances which are supposed to exude femininity and the glasses do not at all reflect this image”.  funky makeup bags

Japanese society is still struggling to get rid of some cumbersome rules. Some schools, for example, require their pupils with lighter hair to dye them black. A measure called “black school rules”.
A few months ago, the actress and author Yumi Ishikawa launched on the social networks the hasthtag “KuToo” (pun between “kutsu” which means “shoes in Japanese and” kutsuu “which translates to” pain “) , but also in reference to the #MeToo movement.
The idea came to her when she was forced to wear high heels while working in a funeral home.
Here are our real beginnings in this area! We really tried to do our best. By choosing the products, first of all. More than ever, we have tested and had it tested before committing to it. The chosen range fully satisfies us, and we are not worried about your welcome. It is “SANTE Naturkosmetik”, a German brand that is today the little sister of the big “Logona”, which you know well.
We have also tried to do our best to present this range to you and introduce you to its use. Attached to this task, three experts whom we will quote starting with Hans Jürgen, to all lord, all honor. Hans-Jürgen Weiland is in fact responsible for Research and Development for the SANTE and Logona brands. Incidentally, if you are lucky today to have total transparency in international cosmetics, it is largely to Hans-Jürgen that you owe it, ladies.
After Hans-Jürgen, Jürgen! Distributor of cosmetic products in France via his Bleu-Vert company, he has always been involved in ecology and organic farming. We thank him for his role as a translator. Thank you also for making this interview possible.
It was an opportunity to meet Sophie. What would we have done without her? Esthetician, makeup artist, technical advisor and trainer for Health and Logona products, she answered precisely the practical questions that you would certainly have asked her, whether you are a beginner or an experienced user.

Author: Russell Flores