what about organic makeup, its history, its reason for being?


But why then do women need to wear makeup?
Jürgen: I would like to ask another question: why don’t boys wear more makeup? !!!… Look in nature: the one who does everything to make himself beautiful and colorful is the peacock… And the male ducks are more colorful than the females!
Sophie: it’s cultural. Women make up either to beautify themselves, or because it is a ritual. All civilizations, at all times and all over the world, have used makeup. But behind his joke, Jürgen is right: there are only western men to not make up anymore! The Egyptians, the Amerindians, the warriors in general and the French in the 18th century made up, even the greatest revolutionaries! Well, today there are quite a few artists like Prince who continue to do so…
Commercially, should we therefore expect you to offer these men a mascara?
Hans Jürgen: for the moment, the male trend is more kajal and foundation…funky makeup bags
HJ: I recently brought out the first Logona catalog, which dates from 1988. At the time, we only offered foundation and powders. More than making up, it was above all a question of harmonizing the complexion and camouflaging the imperfections.
J: in the green movement, makeup was really a transgression of rules that were certainly not written, but nevertheless very precise. And it still is today. The feminist movement is also often linked to that of the organic to refuse what concerns appearance, or rather mask. But these positions are being refined. This is the reason why we strive to go towards a makeup that is not intended to transform, but to highlight the features, to highlight.
By evoking the ingredients of organic makeup, we will probably join certain ancestral practices. What types of products used the civilizations you mentioned?
S: what they had on site: a lot of land, ocher, crushed stones like lapis lazuli, for t

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he eyes … Ointments too, rice powders, talcum powder… Mostly white, therefore. It must be borne in mind that in Germany as in France, tanned complexions gave a peasant side. The lighter we were, the higher up we were in society.
J: this is still the case in Asia. And because of this, the foundations offered to them are much lighter than ours, since above all intended to lighten their complexion. Some formulations have a dominant green which would be an eyesore for us, but which suits them well. But to return to history, the tanned complexion has only become fashionable in the West since paid holidays and the car for all; it shows that we have traveled, taken vacations and a good time…
When did we stop using grandmother’s recipes to go to ready-made products?
S: makeup has been coupled with fashion, and the biggest brands are nowadays linked to fashion designers. Ready-to-use makeup was invented to go with the style of these big brands. At the same time, the women began to work and no longer had the time to prepare their makeup recipes. Makeup has therefore become industrialized and has taken hold of chemistry, reaching heights in the 60s and 70s, with dyes which are almost all prohibited today, including lead, and many others…
HJ: in the 1920s with the roaring twenties, we saw many marked colors arrive, but this type of makeup was socially very limited. At the end of the Second World War, both women and men ended a long period of deprivation. The idea of ​​developing femininity was welcomed, and industrial makeup then developed a lot.

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