Leaving the V10, Dyson struck a blow: for once, the stick vacuum cleaner displayed great performance on all surfaces, including carpets and rugs. The secret of its success? A motorized cleaning head that allows rigid nylon bristles to sink deep into carpets and other similar surfaces, so that cleaning is optimized. Its modular power of 525W plays of course an obvious role in this efficiency. We note the willingness of the English manufacturer to give as much in practicality as in versatility: while we obvious


ly find the wireless formula, we will appreciate a collecting bin larger by 40% than for the V8 as well as a weight distributed so optimal. In terms of versatility, the roller specially dedicated to hard floors really makes it possible to attack all surfaces of the house

eureka upright vacum,


When it came out, this model was a real success for consumers, who praise itsĀ 

eureka upright vacum

practical qualities (easy to use, handy and light) as well as its efficiency and the power of its aspiration. We can see that more than 80% of users give a grade higher or equivalent to 4/5, a real sign of confidence! On the improvement side, however, some of them note that the accessories could benefit from a more solid design, while others regret a slightly too bulky and rigid design which complicates cleaning under the furniture.


  1. Its modular power of 525W
  2. Maximum autonomy of 60 minutes
  3. Ergonomic thanks to the handle and optimal weight distribution
  4. Effective for hard floors and carpets and rugs


  1. The dimensions of the handle make it difficult to pass under the furniture
  2. Accessories appear a bit fragile


While agreeing with the criticisms made by consumers, we would like to express ourselves on the value for money, which appears here as one of the best. Indeed, with the fall in prices following the release of a more recent model (the V11) but still as high technical characteristics, the value for money has gained in attractiveness. On the performance side, nothing more to add: the experience and know-how of the British manufacturer speak for themselves.


Go back in time with one of the most popular Dyson stick vacuums on the market. Available in Animal + (for animal hair) and Fluffy + (for carpets and rugs), it is formidable against all types of dust, on all types of surface. For this purpose, we advise you to turn to the most sophisticated version, the prices being relatively similar today. We will note qualitative standards always as appreciable: while its power allows to quickly take care of all the surfaces of the house, the 40mn of autonomy allow you to cover a large surface. Its real asset? Its accessories, which make it effective on all types of surface: for fabrics, for fragile surfaces or hard floors, or for carpets and rugs,

Consumers who need very good suction power and need to use the equipment for a certain time appreciate this device! They thus praise the undeniable practical qualities of the model, such as the ease of use and maintenance or its lightness, which frankly improves its handling. Its performance as well as its durability are also acclaimed – and that is why almost 65% of users give it the maximum score. Some customers note that they would have appreciated a less pronounced charging time (currently 3 hours) as well as a structure too stiff to allow the passage deep under the furniture.


  1. Very good suction power
  2. Incredible maximum autonomy (40 minutes)
  3. Accessories (4 brushes suitable for different surfaces)
  4. Handy thanks to its ergonomics and lightness


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