eureka upright vacum



A Chinese vacuum cleaner once again, but with suitable advice and a price close to 100 €, which will allow more than one to get rid of the wires of his vacuum cleaner. Ultra light and available with accessories such as a crevice tool, a brush and a motorized brush, it will meet your floor cleaning needs. 2 suction powers are available as on the Dysons. Please note, at this price, the tank is only 0.4 liters. Again, thanks to the hatch, you only need a few seconds to empty the container. The 1 year warranty will reassure you during your purchase. Classified A +++, it will not cost you much in electricity and it is a good point for the environment! Our advice: go ahead

eureka upright vacum .

The purpose of our comparator was to allow you to choose, by the yardstick of 2019, the model that will best suit you. If we consider that these are the best models at the moment, it is however very possible that you want to do your own test of the vacuum cleaners to find the one that will really suit you.

In this case, be aware that several criteria are always to be kept in mind to avoid disappointment once we test the product.


Some of you certainly have very large spaces that you need to take care of. And it is sometimes not easy to achieve everything in one charge! For this reason, it is important that you take a close look at the displayed battery life.

eureka upright vacum

Depending on your surface, you will sometimes need between 15 and 30 minutes of cleaning. This will impact the upright vacuum cleaners that you will buy in 2019: if NiMh type batteries are less expensive, they also retain less charge and are slower. In this case, choose Lithium batteries which have an excellent lifespan, and recharge much faster.


First, make sure that the model actually corresponds to the use you want to have and it is therefore essential to ensure, above all, its maneuverability. Avoid heavy models that will give you muscle pain after a few minutes, and turn to lighter models that are easy to move.

Note, for your storage, that some vacuum cleaners like Dyson stick vacuums stand upright by themselves, which allows them to be stored very easily in a corner of your accommodation.


Sometimes – but fortunately, not in our test of stick vacuums – the models arrive without the brushes, which are to be purchased separately. First check that they are well supplied, and think about the types of brushes you prefer. The wide brushes allow larger areas to be covered in this respect – it’s up to you to see if you will have such a use!


A vacuum cleaner is particularly noisy, and as long as you have a quiet neighborhood, it can quickly get complicated! Fortunately, technology (notably Dyson technology) makes it possible to reduce noise as much as possible; As a guide, when wondering which vacuum cleaner to choose, make sure it emits less than 80 decibels .

Also think about the maintenance of your device, because it is only in this way that you will be able to preserve its performance. For this reason, turn to devices that can be easily disassembled: it will be easy for you to completely clean your device and pass the filters under water.


By power is meant the voltage of the device, which will also determine its suction capacity. The most common models are generally set from 12V to 24V, while knowing that the suction power is proportional to the voltage.

It is a decisive criterion, since the characteristic of the stick vacuum cleaner is precisely to vacuum – then as much to bet the maximum on this criterion if you wish that your device fulfills its functions to perfection!


Author: Russell Flores