Elements of Capital Smart City Islamabad

As you must have heard, Capital Smart city is the first smart city to be built in Pakistan by the renowned builders and developers. Future development holdings (Pvt.) Limited and Habib Rafiq Limited, the same developer who is responsible for the development of DHA and Bahria Town. This is their very own project that they are not just doing to develop but also own the whole project sky marketing ., a famous sales and marketing company situated in Islamabad are given the task of sales of the plots of this magnificent venture.

FDHL and HRL have a sound reputation in the rest estate industry in Pakistan and for developing state of the art infrastructure, and since this is their own venture, they are aiming to leave no stone unturned in its development. To achieve excellence, they have partnered up with Surbana Jurong (SJ), a leading consultant development company from Singapore, for its master planning.

Capital Smart City Islamabad is destined to become the first smart house city with a futuristic approach and never before seen facilities. let us now discuss what elements are incorporated in a housing society to make it a smart city.

Smart economy, smart housing, and a smart environment are the essential elements that make any city a smart city . The main aim of these housing options is to provideĀ  the following opportunities to its residents:

The very first element that is necessary to make this residential project smart is to provide a safe and intelligent environment for its people so they can experience a unique and sustainable environment that is independent. Capital Smart City Islamabad not only checks all the boxes in this department but also introduces a new way of life to the citizens of Pakistan.

The developers and the designers of this project are striving to make this housing project the newest business hub of Pakistan and will provide the increased commercial opportunities in the area. The designers have planed the project in a way that will become an attraction for not only national but also international investors to invest in variety of secure business ventures. It will also create a variety of job opportunities for all members of society from ranging from high-end jobs to low-level jobs to facilitate the needs of everyone.

The housing scheme will also make sure to provide the most luxurious and up-to-dateĀ  housing options to its residents that, too, on the most affordable prices so that the occupants of these residents can enjoy a peaceful and alluring lifestyle that one can only dream of. The flexible social environment in the region will also create a relaxing atmosphere for the people so they can enjoy a stressfree life.

Modern and state of the art infrastructure define and shape this project in the future, so the developers have made it their mission to collaborate and hire experts from around the world to make Capital Smart City a masterpiece . There will be no compromise on the development or the quality of infrastructure to damage the stability or the modern vibe of the project.

The master plan of Capital Smart City includes many features that will ensure that the natural beauty and the environment of the project are preserved. The green areas of the project will not be touched and will remain so to make the project an eco-friendly and nature-friendly place. All the development work of the society is planned around these regions. Furthermore, a reliable waste management system is incorporated in the venture along with water filteratuon plants and a 24/7 hour supply of electricity and gas .

All of the above-mentioned elements are a few of the essential provisions of this innovative housing scheme that will not just improve the quality of life for people but raise their standards of living as well.

Author: Russell Flores