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Colocation Data Center: What Is SSAE 16 and Why Is It Important?

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It’s an examination of business activity (substituting the SAS 70). The illustrate standard was created by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) in 2010, and the idea is for companies to join a global strategy for quality criteria, which makes sense when we think of the way in which the world wide web has opened doors to get online companies, like a Colocation Data Center. Afterward, a auditing procedure determines how effective a company is in supplying that support.

Why Would a Colocation Data Center Truly Want SSAE 16?

To guarantee customers: info is perhaps the most significant asset of any organization. Having passed an examination will inspire greater confidence to Clients

To generate an objective test of the business: internal control procedures can be biased or overlook specific difficulties. A third-party with no affiliation with the company point and will generate an objective report.

To maximize the auditing process: as SSAE 16 is a format developed by the AICPA to fit a global standard, there’s not any need to hire numerous associations. SSAE 16 supplies a record that is trustful that customers respect.

Basic Services of a Colocation Data Center

The latest technologies in telecommunication solutions includes VoIP phone systems, Cloud Hosted PBX, and Colocation services. Providers of these products are anticipated to have functionality, so that they can deliver a quality service. Possessing an AICPA SSAE 16 examination report, certifies the services that are basic are provided by a Colocation Data Center:

High safety access points, such as passwords and biometric controllers

Permanent technician support, on site and remotely

Fire safety and cooling system to protect the equipment

Scalable bandwidth link

At Birns Telecommunications Inc., we offer specialized colocation uk services to satisfy our customers’ requirements and we are glad to announce that we’ll be receiving our SSAE 16 very soon; something that will allow us to provide our prospective and existing clients with a greater degree of assurance at our high end colocation data center.

Remember that SSAE 16 certifies that firms have experienced an exhaustive revision of the service they provide and how they perform it. By acquiring audit reports that are positive data management suppliers guarantee excellent service; and it’s simpler for businesses to choose a remote colocation data centre, because it matches international standards.

For more information concerning our products, feel free to leave a comment below so that we can answer your questions. Furthermore, visit Birns.Net for an entire online catalog of goods.

Colocation Data Center: A Global Picture

Businesses around the globe are seeking to Colocation Data Centers to get a secure place to house their servers and hardware. A Colocation Data Center provides businesses. There are various advantages as you will be told by businesses in Asia and Australia, to Colocation.

Large corporations aren’t the only ones benefiting of the value of transferring their servers to Colocation centers. It is also becoming a trend among moderate to corporations looking to improve their capabilities and reduce prices.

Colocation provides businesses around the globe with the chance to house their hardware off site which offers many advantages such as fire protection and security. Let us look at exactly what drives businesses in Asia and Australia to make the move, and switch into a colocation data centre.

A recent survey showed the following:

For many companies turning to colocation, a significant motivator is the capability to increase bandwidth whenever it is needed.

Colocation data center decreases energy usage. This is not a move towards business practices, but also a cost saving measure.

As a way to enhance server virtualization capabilities. Virtualization technology makes software setup easier.

Add-on providers are a big factor also. Include backups, firewalls and security apparatus.

Close to 90 percent of organizations surveyed revealed they will deploy virtual machines at the next year.

Almost 40% of businesses said they will expand their cloud computing within the year. 10% of companies said they’ll deploy cloud computing for the first time.

Companies that choose to use virtualization do so because it lessens the amount of servers that need to be conducted, thus not only saving on cooling but also on hardware prices like VoIP Phone Systems.

Today, companies are also turning to virtualization as a way to lower their environmental footprint. This is in large part because of the rising number of customers who prefer to do business with companies that are dedicated to respecting and maintaining the Earth.

Businesses in Australia, Asia and around the globe are searching for systems which allow for maximum scalability. For this reason, the Cloud is currently becoming a trend that is popular with many. Technology make it possible for corporations to scale down and up. This flexibility is one of the characteristics that is bringing companies.

As we consider the current trends happening in Australia, we are left to conclude that 2014 will show an increase in the amount of businesses investing in Cloud and virtualization technology. The motion to data facilities will also see a rise owing to its advantages.

For more information regarding colocation data centers in America, please contact our colocation experts at (212) 352.7001 or 1-888-BIRNS-TEL and we’ll discuss each one of the advantages a data center, like the one we function in nyc, may have for a company like yours.

Author: Russell Flores